POS (Point Of Sale)

POS (Point Of Sale)

POS Integration (and Data Capture)

Display transactions on video & trigger events based on transaction type


A POS system may be integrated to a Biyn DVR system through POS Video Overlay Capture box. Through the integration, you may investigate a transaction with transaction data overlaying a video footage, by live viewing and playing back.

POS Integration Features

  • Transaction data is stored in a database file (Microsoft Access format) on the DVR system, which is accessible for retroactive analysis and reports
  • View live and play back the video with text overlaying transaction scene
  • Finds desired video footage by merchandise and transaction types (e.g. void, no sale,etc.)
  • Supports up to 4 cameras, 4 POS systems/cash registers
  • Remote monitoring via Internet
  • Adjustable on-screen text alignment
  • Keyword Search
  • Store text message when cash register open without printing invoice
  • Alerts server-side operator upon specific transaction
** May require additional accessories. Email or call for details.