Commercial DVR Series

Commercial DVR Series

Our Commercial DVRs provide excellent performance, reliability, and storage capacities superior to what you will find in similarly-priced digital video recorders for CCTV applications. Featuring a quad-core Xeon processor (two-way processing), 650W power supply, dual gigabit ethernet ports, and hotswap hard drives in a self-healing RAID-1 storage system, our DVRs are meant for facilities where reliability and minimal downtime is important. Also, unlike many other brands of DVRs, our DVR systems can display live monitoring at resolutions up to 1920×1200. Viewing a matrix of 16 cameras simultaneously at 1920×1200 provides a clearer and more detailed view of each camera compared to most other DVRs which are limited to 640×480 or 1024×768 monitoring.

Commercial DVR Environments:

  • Automobile Dealerships
  • Banks
  • Malls & Shopping Centers
  • Supermarkets & Pharmacies
  • Apartment Buildings
  • City & Local Governments
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Universities & Schools

Commercial DVR Features

Biyn Commecial DVR Features

  • Self-healing hybrid RAID-5 storage system
  • Self-recycling of space as disk space runs out
  • Hot swap hard drives
  • Server-class mid-tower chassis
  • Affordable high-capacity DVR