Commercial DVR  # C4-1612-R56000

6 TB 16-channel 120 FPS hybrid Commercial DVR featuring the Windows 10 Professional - 64-bit operating system, hybrid software RAID5 storage subsystem, mid-tower server chassis, and optional simultaneous support for both IP and analog NTSC cameras.


Operating SystemWindows 10 Professional - 64-bit
Video Channels16
Max Recording Framerate7.5
Max Display Framerate30
Supported Record Resolutions320x240



Video Format*MPEG4

Audio Channels16
Disk Storage RAID 5 hot-swappable storage array with hybrid software RAID controller for affordable capacity and fault tolerance
Capacity (Complex HQ) (640x480)*10.2 days
Capacity (Complex LQ) (640x480)*79.6 days
Max display resolution1920x1200
Video cardNVIDIA
Warranty2 Years
Operating environment45°F - 90°F, non-condensing
Connections2 x front USB 2.0

8 x rear USB 2.0

1 x PS2 Mouse

1 x PST Keyboard

1 x RS-232 port

2 x DVI-I port

2 x Gigabit ethernet

16 x BNC composite video input

16 x RCA line level audio input

Realtek ALC883 7.1 HD audio
Input power100 - 240V, 50-60Hz, 6-3 Amp
ChassisMid-Tower Server Chassis
*Please note that capacities are highly dependent upon scene complexity, amount of motion, and camera quality/clarity, and other factors, so you may see recording times which vary greatly from the averages specified here. You may see significantly less or significantly greater recording times in your particular environment.

Biyn DVR Features

Biyn Commecial DVR Features

  • Self-healing hybrid RAID-5 storage system
  • Self-recycling of space as disk space runs out
  • Hot swap hard drives
  • Server-class mid-tower chassis
  • Affordable high-capacity DVR

Biyn DVR General Features

Intelligent Playback

  • Intuitive, user-friendly interface
  • Roles-based access
  • Privacy Mask Protection
  • Advanced Motion Detection-based search
  • Scene Change Detection search
  • View recordings of up to cameras simultaneously
  • Instant Playback for rapid response by security personnel
  • Time merge from multiple video clips for seamless video of specified time range
  • Multiple camera merge into single video
  • Advanced event & data log query tool
  • "Bookmark" feature for easy review of video
  • "Recoverable" privacy mask removable by system admin-assignable users
  • Video export to self-contained .exe for easy playback on any Windows PC
  • Video export to DVD


Intelligent Recording

  • Motion-activated recording
  • Pre-recording using HDD
  • Object tracking
  • P/T/Z "patrol" paths
  • Advanced schedule-based recording
  • Around-the-clock recording
  • POS overlay available
  • Advanced data logging (POS, ATM, or other serial data stream)
  • Privacy mask configurable
  • "Recoverable" privacy mask configurable by system admin

Add-On Applications and Features

  • Face Count
  • License Plate Recognition (optional add-on)
  • Alarm and entry access zone interface

WebCam - Remote Surveillance

  • POS Live View via MSIE Browser
  • Remote control of PTZ cameras
  • Roles-based access
  • SSL Encrypt Connection Support
  • UPnP™ Support
  • Remote playback of recorded video

Advanced I/O Control

  • Visual Automation
  • Virtual I/O Control
  • One-Click I/O Status Control
  • Multiple I/O Types Selection
  • Latch Trigger Feature
  • Alarm zone integration
  • PTZ camera control


  • High Screen Resolutions (1920 x 1200, 1680 x 1050 and 1600 x 1200)
  • Touch Screen Support
  • Full screen view
  • Multiple display operation for live monitoring and ViewLog playback on more than one monitor
  • Screen pop-ups on motion or alarm activation
  • Object counting
  • Object tracking and zooming by PTZ domes
  • Unattended and missing object detection
  • Alarm on objects passing between predefined regions
  • Digital watermark
  • Video lost detection
  • On screen video loss message
  • Video de-interlace filter
  • E-map
  • Image size indicator
  • Synchronized video and audio
  • Backlight compensation
  • Two-way audio (with additional optional hardware)
  • Video auto gain controller
  • Video scaling filter
  • AVI repair utility
  • System log
  • Support 1,000 accounts for logins and passwords
  • Multi level passwords protection
  • Use Microsoft Remote Desktop to control another DVR system
  • Twin DVR
  • Embedded I/O devices control
  • Embedded PTZ control panel
  • Support dynamic IP address
  • Email notification of events, including snapshot of camera view
  • Face detection
  • Video stabilization

Smart Search & Ease Playback

  • Timeline Search
  • Face Detection for Object Index
  • Object search
  • Index search
  • Object Index
  • Thumbnail browse for ease of search for specific frames within video footage
  • Export a video footage within a specified time range
  • Synchronized audio and video for both live and playback modes
  • Continues playback of set frames A to B
  • EXE format export, playable with any third-party players
  • AVI format export in multiple screens mode
  • DVD format export for Hybrid Card format files
  • Option for recycling the input-triggered events (Never recycle function)
  • Backup, save AVI and BMP functions accessible in LAN ViewLog
  • Automatic refresh of the video event list in LAN ViewLog


  • Choice of recording at 30, 120, 240 and 480 fps
  • Recording trigger by round-the-clock, motion detection, object detection, data event, alarm and schedule
  • Adjustable recording quality and frame rate for each camera
  • Pre-event and post-event recording
  • Supports Windows 7 / Server 2008 burning software


  • Up to 16 channels of live audio streaming and recording
  • Two-way audio possible with additional optional hardware


  • E-mail notification with attached video images on motion and alarm activation
  • E-mail or telephone notification on video lost or I/O error
  • Directs PTZ dome to a preset location on motion and alarm activation
  • SMS alerts available in Main System, Center V2 and Vital Sign Monitor
  • Alarms on objects that pass between predefined regions

Remote Monitoring Software

  • Remote View
  • IP Multicast
  • WebCam
  • Client for Windows Mobile PDA
  • I-Mode

IT Technology

  • RSA Network Security
  • Authentication Server: central control of password settings in local Biyn DVRs

Central Monitoring Station (CMS)

  • Center V2
  • Vital Sign Monitor
  • Dispatch Server
  • Control Center

Integration Solution

  • Point-Of-Sale
  • Licence Plate Recognition
  • Alarm zone integration
  • Entry access system integration
  • License plate recognition
  • Multiple DVR management (up to 500 systems) from single PC

Commercial DVR Model Comparison

Product IDMax FPS per CameraWarranty ChannelsCap. (GB)** LQ Time* HQ Time* Audio Inputs
C4-0824-R54000 302 Years82,677104.6 days13.4 days8
C4-0412-R54000 302 Years42,677209.1 days26.8 days4
C4-0412-R56000 302 Years44,074318.3 days40.7 days4
C4-0824-R56000 302 Years84,074159.1 days20.4 days8
C4-0412-R58000 302 Years45,471427.4 days54.7 days4
C4-1612-R54000 7.52 Years162,67752.3 days6.7 days16
C4-0824-R58000 302 Years85,471213.7 days27.4 days8
C4-1612-R56000 7.52 Years164,07479.6 days10.2 days16
C4-1648-R54000 302 Years162,67752.3 days6.7 days16
C4-1612-R58000 7.52 Years165,471106.9 days13.7 days16
C4-1648-R56000 302 Years164,07479.6 days10.2 days16
C4-1648-R58000 302 Years165,471106.9 days13.7 days16
* Recording times are listed in full days, rounded DOWN. Please note that recording times are highly dependent upon scene complexity, amount of motion, and camera quality/clarity, and other factors, so you may see recording times which vary greatly from the averages specified here. You may see significantly less or significantly greater recording times in your particular environment and framerate and compression settings.

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